Dear Zoe, you recently critizited the Italian Prosecco wine using arguments in which I found an enormous mistake. You said "I’m not a stickler, but this isn’t a wine, this is an alcohol delivery system". This is a very ingiurious thing you said against a fully qualified wine, made following a strong product specification, approved by Italian Agrifood Ministry and European Union.

Prosecco producers decided to have the strongest control system they can have, adopting the Italian Mint and Printing Office seals, that avoid any kind of counterfeiting and manipulation. For every single bottle they can guarantee the origin and the autenticity, the rigorous respect of the product specification (verified by authorized third party bodies) and the quality.

I’m not a stickler, but this isn’t a wine, this is an alcohol delivery system.
Zoe Williams, The Guardian

It's important that you deeply understand what you said: it was a huge insulting lie! We are all interested in our teeth and in the public health, so if some pleople think that Prosecco is an enemy of the oral health must stop to drink this "wine". This "high quality certified wine". It's not a low quality product, junk food or some other kind of disgusting thing. I'm sure that if you ask the guys of Prosecco DOC consortium they will be happy to invite you to visit the Veneto region, the place where Prosecco is produced. They can explain you what wine is and what isn't.